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Marti Babb, Owner

Noah’s Nannies founder, Marti Babb, has spent a lifetime loving and caring for animals. “It is truly an honor for me to spend my day catering to their needs,” says Marti. “They are the greatest friends and terrific companions.”

Marti trained at the Bel-rea Institute of Animal Technology where she earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. After an internship at Alameda East Animal Hospital, Marti worked as a Veterinary Technician in Parker, Colorado. Over time, Marti saw value in quality 'at-home' care for those going on vacation and those whose pets have special needs.

When her beloved dog, Bohdi, developed a life-threatening embolism, Marti took on the role of physical therapist and chef. Daily massages, physical therapy and a specially designed diet helped Bohdi recover. Up until August 2010, Bohdi lead a full and productive life.

At Noah’s Nannies, Marti Babb creates a loving environment that provides your pet with a safe, loving and pampered haven during your absence.


Marti Babb is qualified & trained to provide a variety of pet care services. Introduced to a variety of animals at a very young age, Marti has always had that special touch! Her first job in High School was volunteering at Littleton Large Animal Clinic, inspiration for years to come. An avid horsewoman since the age of 4, Marti knows her way around a barn! In 1997, she earned her degree from The Bel-rea Institute of Animal Technology and began working as a Veterinary Technician in Parker, Colorado. Her own pets have included horses, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, a bunny named “Clyde” and the occasional fish. Her professional experience shows a broad range of talents for both large and small animals.

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Our Products

It was while caring for Bodhi that Marti developed her own recipes for nutritious, all natural dog treats. A list of products will be coming soon!